Re-skin Policy for Waggonz products

This clarification will not affect 99.9% of our customers who can, and we hope will, continue to use and enjoy our products.

This policy will not remove/change any rights granted to you when you purchased one of our products.
This policy is simply to clarify a point not specifically addressed in the License supplied with our products.
This policy affects all of our past, present and future products however they are distributed.

Free re-skins of commercial products have been an important part of Train Simulator since it was released. Over the years of using Train Simulator we have seen some very good free re-skins, we have even made some of our own.

We are aware of a few companies offering re-skins of Train Simulator DLC’s for a price.

This policy is to clear up our (Waggonz) stance on this situation.

Other companies have approached this situation in different ways, we have considered the merits of each and reached our own solution. Some request that no re-skins are distributed publicly, we don’t want to do this. Others request that you only distribute re-skins that are of real world examples. Lastly, some request that you send them your re-skin for approval before distribution, again we don’t think that is right for our company. We are not judges of quality and if you think your re-skin is good enough then others will probably also agree, if not they wont download it.

Our solution therefore is to require that any re-skin of our products you wish to distribute, be freely available to everyone without any form of payment being required.